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Your South Florida Event Planning Company


  The first ingredient to our formula is: resources.
  Our many years of experience in the event planning
  industry, has enabled us to forge many a great
  partnerships with a vast number of service 
  This in turn, has allowed us to compile an extensive
  database of some very unique and talented
  companies at our disposal, which we frequently rely
  on in order to provide our clients with events that
  always exceed their expectation not their budgets.

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The second ingredient to our formula is: professionalism.
Our talented team of event planning professionals know
that, the overall success of your event, will be
measured by the impression which is perceived by those in attendance.

This is the primary reason why, our focus and goal is
always to work closely with you so that by listening, and knowing what you envision, we can then use our professional event planning expertise to produce an event which is perfectly aligned with your objectives.


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 The final ingredient is: greatness.
 Greatness can not be awarded, it has to be earned. 
 We feel that it has been our meticulous attention to
 detail, our passion and outside of the box creativity
 approach to every event which has allowed us to
 earn it.

 By consistently and successfully being able to add
 the wow factor to a vast number of events we
 have produced throughout the country for our clients.


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Event Management Process

    Post Event Reporting

Client Event Access Gateway

 Our event planning and management process although
 fundamentally straightforward, it is approached from
 an exclusive and unique strategic angle in order to fully
 encompass the specific needs of your special event.

 We accomplish this through a proven five-step system
 which we have developed in order to consistently be
 able to provide you, your guest and your organizations
 stakeholders with a wowing effect.

 At RPG Productions, we feel that in order to provide
 the absolute best special event planning and
 management process, we must always identify,
 analyze, plan, execute and review every detail.

Read More about our event planning process.

 Our post event reporting is one of the most important
tools that we can offer our clients. Because your special
 event is an investment, in order to evaluate its' results
 and your ROI (return on investment), it must be
 properly analyze and measured to ascertain its' impact.

 This is why, our detailed post event reporting has been
 an invaluable tool for our clients to review and
 determine the success of their event.

 Once your event has concluded, and you have had the
 opportunity to review its' success, you can then further
 use this report to adjust the metrics and plan for next
 years event.
  Read More about RPG's post event reporting.

 At RPG, we feel that using todays technology in our
 event planning and decision-making process, allows
 for a reduction of wasted valuable time.

 Moreover, because we feel that all of our clients should
 be empowered with the ability to control all aspects of
 their special event, we provide them the necessary
 tools to review the process and make adjustments to
 certain key elements of their event.

 Furthermore, because we insist on transparency and
 accountability that is somewhat unconventional in our
 given industry, we feel that by giving our clients this
 level of access, affords us the ability to do so.

 Read More about how our access gateway can
 provide you with more control over your event.

RPG Productions is a full-service event planning and management company located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Our company was primarily created to be a one-stop event planning connection and to help meet the special event needs of corporations, non-profit groups, cultural and charity organizations and individuals alike.

Over the years, we have been able to help a vast number of organizations and individuals manage their resources, in order to provide a higher potential of success for their events in which we have been a part of.

Our unique approach to utilizing todays technology and blending it with outside-the-box
creativity, enables us
to produce special events with spectacular results.T
hanks to our professional, passionate and talented team of event planners, along with an extensive database of industry resources at our disposal, we are able to provide
our clients with an event process which brings with it logistical precision, strategic vision and
delivers the wow factor to our events.

So why not contact our team today, and let us make your Dream Event come true!


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            Our premier event planning and production services are available throughout the entire State of Florida, including some of Florida's most popular and sought after event destinations like:

    | Boca Raton | Coconut Grove | Coral Gables | Daytona Beach | Deering Bay | Fisher Island | Fort Lauderdale | Jacksonville | Key Biscayne | Key West | Miami |
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